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Our catalog presents our products with a variety of options: all products are custom made to your specifications.

Choosing an item in our catalogue creates an RFQ, which we respond to within three business hours.

If you don't see the specific size or material you need please contact us for additional customization: our ability to custom design is what makes Artcraft stand alone in the precision and ultrasonic cleaning system industry.

First, click on the category of products you are interested in
Next, click on the Product : a series of drop down choices will display
Select your choice for each drop down.

Add to the cart and then "check out." This generates the RFQ.

Fastest gets even Faster!!!

Long known for having the fastest delivery times in the industry, Artcraft just got faster. We are proud to announce our Premium Expedited Service. With Premium Expedited Service your order is shipped within four business days after acceptance. With very large orders, the first shipment comes within the expedited service window and daily shipments follow until the order is complete. We are here to help as quickly as you need us. So if you are in a bind be sure to specify Premium Expedited Service.