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Artcraft Welding, Inc., was founded in 1965 by Arthur Ammon, whose purpose was to provide high-quality support welding. In time, Artcraft became known as the industry leader in ultrasonic cleaning fixtures, stainless steel baskets and clean room furniture.

Some of Artcraft’s early customers included Lockheed, FMC, Varian and local machine shops. Throughout the Seventies and mid-Eighties, Artcraft continued to build its reputation as a wire basket manufacturer providing the highest quality welding and service.

As a result, Artcraft began manufacturing wire cleaning racks for IBM and local cleaning equipment manufacturers. Having the knowledge and skill for quality manufacturing and welding, Artcraft began to engineer and manufacture cleaning fixtures for end users.

Wire cleaning racks

Still Family owned. Still Operating with the same High Quality Parts with On Time deliveries

Arthur’s legacy continues today with the same quality industrial rack and basket manufacturing overseen by his son, Dan, who is Artcraft’s CEO. Dan is joined by his son Brandon, VP of Sales & Operations.

It looks like the fourth generation of Artcraft Welding maybe just a decade or two away if Brandon’s son, Isaac, decides to join the family business.

Wire cleaning racks
Ultrasonic Cleaning Fixtures

Superior Quality Wire Rack and Basket Manufacturer

In the Nineties, the signature Artcraft quality proved itself far superior to competitors, and that spurred many cleaning system companies to come to Artcraft for help in designing and building fixtures for their own customers. Artcraft worked hand-in-hand with the system companies to optimize cleaning systems in accordance with their customer specifications.

Artcraft now is a name known throughout the world as a leader in providing the precision cleaning industry with racks, fixtures and baskets. Their ultrasonic cleaning fixtures, clean room furniture and stainless steel baskets rank second to none.

Many companies know that when they encounter their most challenging, precision cleaning applications, Artcraft is the place to come for solutions.

Artcraft later branched out to supply companies with reticle racks and security cages. Capable of meeting exact military specifications and working in unusual materials, Artcraft specializes in custom racks and baskets for a variety of applications.

Stainless steel baskets

Industrial Cleaning Systems Manufacturers Trust Us

USA based Artcraft has provided materials and services for such customers as Kodak, IBM, Hitachi, JDSU, Coors Tec, General Motors, Cummins Diesel, Zimmer, Genentech, Wright Medical, Coherent, Corning, Eli Lillie, Ford , NASA, Applied Materials, Agilent, Seagate, Western Digital, Morgan Advanced Ceramics, Siemens, Cree, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Raytheon, Philips, and Valeo.

In addition, we’ve provided ultrasonic parts cleaning inserts throughout North America, Western Europe, the Pacific Rim, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Artcraft has designed cleaning racks and clean room furniture for Jayco, Mafac, Elma, Durr, Crest, Branson, CAE, Infinity, Baron Blakeslee, Better Engineering, Tiyoda, Cuda, Forward, Atcor, Entegris, Aqueous Tech, APC Tech, Blue Wave, and Proceco

Stainless steel baskets

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