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Stainless Steel Racks, Stainless Steel Baskets

Artcraft Welding supplies stainless steel racks and baskets to many companies for aerospace applications.

With over 40 years of aerospace industry experience supporting customers such as GE and Pratt Whitney, we are ready to help streamline your aerospace processes.

Aerospace Baskets

NASA Space Flight Animal Module

Whether your operation requires complete component racks for engine disassembly, or stainless steel baskets for parts organization, Artcraft can help you improve accountability, bringing efficiencies to all your aerospace parts handling.

Simplify the Engine Parts Cleaning, Repairing, and Inspection Process
Engine Parts Baskets
Aerospace Racks

With FAA regulations mandating that aerospace companies identify individual engine parts, a system is needed to expedite and control the identification process. Keeping track of parts for a single engine during cleaning, repairing, or inspection, is streamlined with Artcraft's Aerospace Application Stainless Steel Rack solution.

We manufacture a stainless steel rack that allows you to place all of the parts for a specific engine or any other aircraft part in one rack with individual sections. These sections hold the separate components, creating a complete kit. Kits are labeled based on the specific component group, allowing them to stay together.

Whether it is the fan blades of an engine, oxygen sensors, turbine blades, or a set of compressor impellors, all components stay together, minimizing the handling process.

Off the Shelf Stainless Steel Racks and Baskets to Custom Solutions.

We've got Aerospace Parts Handling Applications covered. Whether you require die penetrant racks, fluorescent penetrant inspection racks, or turbine airfoil wash racks, Artcraft can supply it.

Parts Inspection Racks

1. Stacking baskets can be customized for a part's size requirements.

Industrial Rolling Racks

2. Small parts baskets can fit in rolling multilayer racks.

Large Part Racks

3. Larger parts can be transported in enclosed carts.

Aerospace Custom Made Stainless Steel Racks, Baskets And Carts

High quality stainless steel racks, baskets, and carts custom made for your specific parts handling application are what sets us apart.

We can design, fabricate and manufacture for your specific aerospace needs. If you don't need customized stainless steel racks or stainless steel baskets, Artcraft has stock products available for immediate shipment. Benefit from the improved accountability and labor savings!

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and see how our purchashing aerospace application stainless steel racks and baskets can bring improved efficiencies to your operation.