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Artcraft Welding offers high quality stainless steel reticle racks with an Electro-polished finish. Choose the storage size you require-Artcraft offers many different reticle storage options: Horizontal or Vertical holding is available Or, customize the unit to meet your facility's reticle or photomask storage requirements.

Stainless Steel Reticle Racks/ Photomask Storage Racks Options

Units are available as:
  • 4 column reticle racks
  • 6 column reticle racks
6 Column Reticle Racks
Double-sided Reticle Racks
Single-sided Reticle Racks
Electro-polished Reticle Racks
Electro-polished reticle racks
  • 60, 90, 120 & 180 unit capacities.
  • Vertical Storage Racks
  • Horizontal Storage Racks

Reticle Racks are available as single or double - sided.

Artcraft racks also include options of leveling feet, casters, or earthquake base mounts.

Electro-polished Reticle Racks
Large Capacity Reticle Racks
Photomask Storage
Custom Photomask Storage

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For high quality stainless steel reticle racks: We can build and ship to your facility in as little as five weeks.