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Custom Stainless Steel Baskets and Stainless Steel Wire Racks Examples

These are just some of the many unique stainless steel racks and baskets we have made for our customers over our many years. As you can see they include wide variety with many complex designs.

stainless steel basket with lid
500lb capacity rotation stainless steel basket with lid
Stainless Steel Wire Racks
Automotive components Rack
Blade Wash Rack
Blade wash rack
Pocket Mesh Rack
Coated pocket mesh automation loaded
Rotation Carrier Rack
Rotation Carrier Rack
Stainless Steel Baskets
Small carrier with removable baskets
Custom Holding Rack
Custom holding rack
stainless steel wire baskets for small parts
Electropolished pocket mesh with lid
Insert Carrier Rack
Insert Carrier Combination Rack
Industrial Wire Racks
Mini Pocket Mesh Basket
Mesh Carrier
Removable Insert Dividers
Reticle Racks
Reticle Rack Bank
Stackable Pocket Mesh Baskets
Stackable Pocket Mesh baskets
Stainless Tool Holders
Tool holders
v mesh baskets
V-Mesh Basket
Optics Cleaning Racks
Wash Rack to hold multiple sizes of prisms
Round Basket With Removable Lid
Round Stainless Steel Mesh Basket With Lid
Cartridge Fixture
Cartridge Fixture
Coated Optics Rack
Coated Optic Rack
NASA Flight Module
NASA Flight Module
Optics Fixtures Rack
Optics Fixtures Rack
Polished Optics Rack
Polished Optics Rack
Prism Wash Rack
Prism Wash Rack

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