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Artcraft makes your old stainless steel racks and baskets look like new...

Why spend money for a new rack or basket if the one you have can be repaired? Or, maybe you thought by buying a cheaper stainless steel basket or rack you'd be saving $$$, but very quickly the coating started chipping. What if the welds didn't hold up? Not to worry, Artcraft Welding offers repair services for SS parts cleaning baskets and racks–no matter who did the manufacturing.

Stainless Basket Repair

Original rack only four years old

SS Rack and Basket Repair

Coating is clearly coming off

As an example, the stainless steel rack shown above is only four years old but the coating is clearly coming off in many places.

Stainless Steel Basket Repair

Coating Stripped off

Coated Stainless Baskets

Final rack: Recoated and looks like new

As these pictures illustrate, Artcraft was able to strip off the basket’s old coating and recoat, providing our customer with a much longer basket life cycle.

Artcraft Stainless Steel Basket and Rack Repair covers many different issues

Even if you started with an excellent rack or basket, environment plays a big part in how often stainless steel racks or baskets need repair. Some common issues Artcraft fixes are:

  • Chipped Coatings on baskets or racks
  • Baskets with broken or week welds
  • Broken basket latches
  • Srainless baskets with torn mesh
Stainless Rack and Basket Repair

As you can see, after sending them to Artcraft these repaired parts cleaning baskets look as good as new.

SS Small Parts Baskets

You can even choose color coding for different usage or lot differentiation.

AND to avoid worst case scenarios, Artcraft works with our customers to set up recommended maintenance schedules based on their specific stainless steel basket or racks’ requirements.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have a rack or basket you're not using because you think it has "seen its day" Contact us.
We can give it new life and save you money.
We are here to partner with you to ensure your stainless steel baskets and racks aren’t retired before their time.