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Artcraft Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets: In-stock or Custom

Artcraft custom industrial wire baskets are great for holding objects - anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. All our parts cleaning baskets are buffed before and after finishing, ensuring there are no sharp edges and wires.

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industrial wire baskets
stacking metal baskets
stacking wire baskets

Artcraft's Wire Baskets may come with handles and stacking metal baskets are readily available. Baskets with hinged lids have safety latches. Each stainless steel mesh basket is available in a variety of mesh sizes and can be Haylar or Nylabond coated or electropolished.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets Designed to Meet Your Specific Application

Very intricate optics (and other) parts often have air pockets where the cleaning solution has difficulty penetrating. Parts should be rotated during the cleaning process so the air bubbles can float away.

Artcraft designs wire baskets for parts cleaning with hinged lids secured with latches to hold the rack closed during the process, allowing for improved penetration of the cleaning solution.

We produce perfect fixtures for cleaning small and large PC boards in an inline cleaning system unit.

Artcraft Racks Come with Variety of Finishes or Coatings: Electropolished, Nylon, Halar

Round Mesh Basket

Round mesh baskets with #24 mesh. It has a removable latching lid with a swing bail handle.

wire basket

Stock Precision wire basket with or without a spring locking lid.

Stackable and ready to ship in 2-3 days.

Stainless Mesh Basket

Heavy Duty Stainless steel Kadon replacement basket with compression lid.

Any mesh size and will fit right into the cleaning system that utilizes Kadon basket. Stainless steel will not deteriorate like a traditional Kadon basket does.

Corrosion Resistant Basket

Precision pocket basket: Any pocket size can be added to any mesh basket and mesh size. Artcraft will customize any of our corrosion resistant Stainless steel Kadon replacement basket with compression lid.

SS basket manufacturer

Round corrosian resisitant basket

Electro-polished baskets

This pressed mesh basket has no corner seams to trap parts. Pocket mesh baskets are great for dividing groups of parts. Electropolished Baskets or Nylabond coated baskets may be ordered for this application.

Buffed and Electro-polished baskets enhance corrosion resistance.

In-Line Cleaning System Baskets

In-Line Cleaning System Baskets are constructed with 3/16 dia rod with No. 3 mesh. Baskets come with a variety of lid configurations. Slam shut, hinging latching, removable latching or soft lid made of the wire belt material to keep the board from moving around from the top and bottom nozzle spray in the inline cleaning system. We can even add dividers to keep small boards from moving around.

We produce perfect cleaning fixtures for cleaning small and large PC boards in an inline cleaning system unit.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets
Stainless Mesh Basket
ultrasonic cleaning baskets
SS basket manufacturers

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