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Artcraft Food Services Industries Solutions

Food Services Industries understand the value of an efficient operation. With small profit margins and tough competition, every dollar counts. Whether it is a large restaurant, a food industry supplier or processor, food industry operations rely on the highest quality equipment, turning out the best food products, at the lowest possible cost. In addition, strict guidelines regarding food safety and cleanliness are imposed, adding additional costs to the bottom line.

At Artcraft Welding, we understand the issues you face. We have worked with many companies in the food services industry over the past 40 years.

Designing and manufacturing commercial customized stainless kitchen racks or stainless steel storage racks and baskets when you need them is our specialty.

How do most successful restaurants and large food processing plants remain competitive? By implementing a very systematic, process driven strategy. Everything is organized and all operations are performed in a specified manner.

Whether you want to maintain or grow your position in the food services industry, we can help.

Many Products, Many Food Industry Applications

Artcraft's stainless kitchen racks keep food clean, fresh and ready for use. Our stainless steel storage racks and baskets are ideal for fruit and produce, or even frozen items.

Wine Glass Holder

Customized Solutions

Think about your facility. What other types of stainless steel products could you use? Stainless steel BBQ grills? They never need replacement. Something to sterilize produce prior to bagging? No problem. Custom wine glass holders or handling equipment? Pasta straining stainless baskets? We can assist with any of these needs.

Whether from our extensive stock, or customized to a particular application, Artcraft Welding supplies the highest quality products for our food industry customers.

Fry Basket

Quality Stainless Steel Products= Lifetime Usage & Cost Savings

Artcraft's stainless steel racks and baskets last forever.

Unlike chrome-plated steel - the industry standard there is:

  • No rust. No break down.
  • No re-purchasing 5 years later.
Food Industry Basket

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