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Kadon Replacement Baskets

Artcraft has the answer to a Kadon basket replacement and our quality far exceeds anything that is available. Any mesh opening to perforated material. Lids are all spring or hinged at customer request. A mill finish or electropolish is offered.

Artcraft's Kadon replacement ultrasonic cleaner baskets are designed for many different ultrasonic cleaning systems to include:

  • Branson
  • Ransohoff
  • Jenfab
  • EVD systems
  • and more…

All stainless steel baskets can be made to fit with auto lift, manual, or rotation systems.

Custom Stainless Steel Baskets For Small Parts

Artcraft specializes in custom stainless steel baskets for small parts. Applications include: Solvent Cleaning Baskets, Spray Washer Baskets, Immersion Cleaning Baskets–all are designed to offer protection for valuable components.

Inserts can be made to be quarter size half of full size for small parts. Rotation carriers and custom inserts can also be designed fit into standard footprint for Kadon basket carriers.

Artcraft ultrasonic cleaner baskets can be designed for multi level cleaning, allowing for different products to be cleaned at the same time.

Carriers may be designed for robotic lift or manual lift. Artcraft’s Robotic lift carriers are designed for constant use and our manual carriers are ergonomic and light.

Cleaning System carriers Ultrasonic Cleaning System Inserts Cleaning System Baskets

Kadon Baskets Coatings

Kadon Baskets are available with electropolished, nylon, or halar coatings for component protection during rotation. Clam shell opening allows the operator easy access to smaller baskets or inserts.

Don’t replace with the same Kadon baskets only to have them wear out– go with Artcraft’s stainless replacements at a very competitive cost.

Custom designs. Competitive prices. Quick deliveries.

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