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Artcraft Tine Racks

Tine racks are great for businesses that do general precision cleaning for a wide range of products.

Tine is one of the most versatile racks as it can be used to divide components from touching each other during the cleaning application or build process in fab.
If you have a simple part with a hole in the center it can be placed on the tine to keep it upright or, with a long part, place it between the rows of tines.

Artcraft Tine Racks can hold a variety of objects with varying sizes. We can form pockets made of stainless rod in our tine racks to hold odd shapes.

Tine racks can be made to fit into a Kadon basket of any ultrasonic cleaning system.

Artcraft Tine Racks are customizable to 8, 10, 11 or 12 rows and come with options to have the racks Electro-polished or as Nylabond-Coated Finish Tine Racks.

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