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Artcraft Baskets Help Protect Components

Electronics manufacturers have a wide range of products so Artcraft works directly with each manufacturer to design a stainless steel rack that perfectly meets their needs.

Pocketed Inline cleaning baskets for small and large capacity PC boards protect the components on the board from getting caught in the chain belts.

Artcraft Corrosion Resistant Baskets

Corrosion resistant baskets keep the smallest part from exiting the cleaning process. Any mesh size from 100 mesh to 8 mesh can be added to ensure parts are kept separate and encased in the basket.

Artcraft stainless steel baskets for the Electronics Industry come with latching hinging and removable lids.

We also design and manufacture custom fixtures for odd shaped electronic devices.

With quality baskets and fixtures that are customized for your application, Artcraft is the best choice for your Electronic product’s requirements.

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