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Stainless Steel Semiconductor Wafer Storage Racks

Artcraft designs and manufactures racks to hold 100mm 150mm 200mm 300mm cassettes, shipping boxes, and process boxes.

If your fab has a cleaning system, we can build the custom racks for the components your cleaning—even outdated Atcor Systems.

All sizes of wafer boxes and related products are able to fit in Artcraft wafer storage racks.

Semiconductor Storage Racks
Custom Stainless Racks
Wafer Storage Racks
Component Cleaning Racks
Cassette Storage Racks
Stainless Steel Racks

Disk Drive Storage Racks, Cleaning System Racks

Artcraft Welding has a wide array of storage and cleaning devices designed to accommodate any manufactures disk drive systems. We have designed for the top three disk drive companies: Seagate, Western Digital and Hitachi.

Seagate Systems Racks
Western Digital Cleaning Racks
Hitachi Disk Drive Racks

Whether it's disk drives or microchips, Artcraft Welding will keep your products safe for cleaning. We manufacture HGA cleaning fixtures for production and rework. All cleaning system racks come in electropolished 316 stainless to reduce particle count.

We work directly with equipment manufacturers to deliver you the best possible disk drive storage racks and cleaning devices for your cleaning needs and optimize your process.

HGA cleaning fixtures
Cleaning System Racks
Electropolished Cleaning Racks

Artcraft Welding produces racks for any of the disk drive components: HSA, Spacer Ring, Base Castings, Top Covers, Screws, Kit racks for identity and rework.

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