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Medical Industry Racks and Baskets

Artcraft has been designing and manufacturing cleaning fixtures, racks and baskets for the medical and BioMed field for over 30 years.

Customers for medical device cleaning racks are among the largest in the world and have stringent specifications that require the quality Artcraft provides.

Our customers are from every corner of the Medical Industry: Drug manufacturers, implant components, bone, spine, eye, dental and all of the tools that go with this industry.

Implant Cleaning Racks, Process Racks, Autoclave Baskets:

Just some of the many stainless steel racks and baskets you can buy from Artcraft.

Med Rack
Medical Device Cleaning Racks
Biomed Device Cleaning Racks
Precision Mesh Basket
Stainless carts

All medical device cleaning racks are designed to optimize production and cleaning. Stainless carts are manufactured with slide in and out baskets to house products and tools in the BioMed lab.

Biomedical Cleaning Racks

Biomedical Cleaning Racks for implants include: tibias, stems, shells, modular heads, stints, bone screws, dental implants and pace makers.

Stainless Steel Racks

In addition Artcraft manufactures racks for vials, syringes, test tubes, and filler pump racks.

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If you are looking to purchase the best quality stainless steel racks for your medical or biomedical lab contact Artcraft—we’ve been supply quality products for this industry for over 30 years.